New Client Appointment

New Client Appointment

At Whole Wellness Counseling, your first appointment as a new client is an opportunity to meet your therapist, share information about yourself, and begin to uncover your favorite version of yourself. Below is a little bit about what your first appointment might look like. Appointment structure may vary depending on your personal needs. Every session is unique to you, and our experienced therapists will guide you through your journey to better mental health.

To start, you will have the opportunity to share your reasons for seeking counseling and any goals you hope to achieve. Your therapist may inquire about your current emotional state, daily functioning, and any immediate concerns or crises. This will help them to assess your current needs and priorities. Your therapist may explore your personal history, including significant life events, relationships, family dynamics, and relevant background information. This will help to build a comprehensive understanding of the client's context. The therapist will explain their approach to therapy, discuss the therapeutic process, and set expectations for future sessions. This may include the frequency of sessions, the duration of therapy, and any specific therapeutic modalities that will be used. You will work together with your therapist to establish therapeutic goals. These goals can be short-term or long-term and are tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. Your therapist will encourage you to ask questions and seek clarification about the therapeutic process, confidentiality, or any other concerns they may have. Open communication is essential for building trust. 

If you are in crisis or at risk, the therapist may conduct a risk assessment and develop a safety plan to ensure your well-being between sessions.

Your therapist will discuss the frequency of sessions, scheduling logistics, and any additional paperwork that may be necessary. They may schedule the next appointment or guide you on how to schedule subsequent sessions.

The first appointment is often a foundation for the therapeutic relationship, and your therapist aims to create a safe and collaborative space where you can explore your thoughts and feelings. The specifics can vary, but the overall goal is to establish rapport, gather relevant information, and begin the process of addressing your mental health needs.